An Investment Platform

Strategy marketplace

Investor can select a strategy to run on his own account

Portfolio evolution

Investor can check in real-time the evolution of his strategies.

Smart contracts

Smart contracts capture and control the agreement between Kryptalgo and the investor.

Automated strategy audit

All algorithms are tested using out of sample testing and audited to avoid curve fit strategies.

Investor platform

Access to investing in trading algorithms for retail investors.

  • Easy access to a wide range of algorithm
  • Manage your portfolio in real time
  • Check new opportunities, make deals
  • Keep control of your funds at any time
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A transparent marketplace that uses blockchain technology and provides the ability to attract capital

  • Transparent marketplace
  • Smart contract conclude between investors and Kryptalgo
  • Communicate with Kryptalgo
  • Choose algorithms that suits you the best
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What is algorithmic trading

Kryptalgo helps us to find best investment opportunities in the field of trading algorithm.

Antony Casalena

Vice president, IQTeam

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